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In this article, we will showcase how to use the Weekend Investing website to analyse different investment strategies and track several other metrics. 

To get started, visit the analytics section on the WeekendInvesting website. Within the analytics section, Weekend Investing has developed some powerful tools to help you analyse different investment strategies. One of the key features is the ability to compare one strategy to another, or to compare a strategy to its benchmark. This allows you to gain insights into the relative performance of different strategies or to evaluate a strategy’s performance against a specific benchmark.

For example, let’s take a look at the comparison between Mi NNF 10 and its underlying index, Nifty Next 50. The data points for this comparison go back to 2016, providing a comprehensive historical analysis. It’s worth noting that some parts of the data are based on historical analysis, while others reflect live execution.

When analysing a strategy, you will also be able to view the drawdowns, which represent the periods of decline in the strategy’s value.

Additionally, you can access tabulated data that provides consolidated returns or drawdowns since March 2016 when Weekend Investing started. You have the flexibility to choose specific dates or pre-fixed periods, such as one year or five years, for your analysis.

To demonstrate, let’s compare the performance of Mi 20 and Mi 50 since the COVID-19 crisis on March 31, 2020. By selecting the appropriate dates, you can see that Mi 20 has delivered a return of 474% since then, while Mi 50 has achieved a return of 288%. The maximum drawdown for Mi 20 was 28% during this period, whereas Mi 50 experienced a maximum drawdown of 25%.

Furthermore, Weekend Investing regularly updates the data on its website on a daily basis. This ensures that you have access to the most current and up-to-date information when analysing the performance of different strategies.

Another interesting feature of the Weekend Investing website is the ability to build a portfolio of strategies. To do this, you can navigate to the combination feature and select the specific strategies you want to include in your portfolio.

For example, you could choose a large-cap strategy and allocate 50% of your portfolio to it. Then, you can select a mid-cap and small-cap strategy, allocating 30% of your portfolio to each. Additionally, you can add specialised strategies like Mi ST ATH to chase stocks and achieve additional alpha.

This will tabulate the overall performance based on the allocated percentages. It will show you the individual performance of each strategy, the combined performance of the portfolio, and the benchmark you choose to compare against. For instance, you can compare your portfolio against CNX 500, which includes all the stocks in the market.

Let’s say you want to assess the performance of your portfolio over the past year. By selecting the appropriate dates, you’ll discover that your portfolio has achieved a return of 25%, while CNX 500 has only delivered a return of 14%. This valuable information can help you make informed decisions.

If you prefer a more specific analysis, you can choose a particular date range, such as the last two years. By selecting September 30, 2021, as the end date, for example, you can see that your portfolio would have achieved a return of 30% compared to CNX 500’s return of 14% over the same period.

Utilising these powerful analytics tools provided by WeekendInvesting can greatly enhance your investment decision-making process. It’s important to note that many people are unaware of these features, and we acknowledge that it may have been a communication oversight in the past. However, now that you are aware, take full advantage of these tools and explore the possibilities they offer for analysing investment strategies and tracking performance.

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    Analytics Tools on WeekendInvesting website