Boring is Good

April 3, 2024 2 min read

Mi India Top 10 stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. This strategy, which selects stocks solely from Nifty 50 constituents, has showcased remarkable performance, even with stocks that might traditionally be considered unexciting.

Take, for instance, the performance of stocks like Bajaj Auto and Larsen & Toubro (L&T). Despite initial perceptions of these stocks as unremarkable, they have delivered impressive returns within a relatively short timeframe.

Bajaj Auto, entered into the India Top Ten portfolio in May 2023, has surged by a staggering 105% within a year.

Similarly, L&T, added in February 2023, has seen its value appreciate by 74% over the same period.

These success stories underscore the effectiveness of the strategy in identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities.

The success of the strategy is further evidenced by its ability to capitalize on market momentum. During periods of strong market performance, the strategy identifies and invests in stocks with upward momentum , thereby amplifying returns. This strategic approach allows investors to leverage the market’s strength and generate additional alpha, outperforming the benchmark.

In FY 24, Mi India Top 10 outperformed the Nifty by a significant margin, delivering a remarkable 57% return compared to the Nifty’s 27-28%.

This outperformance was particularly pronounced during the latter half of the year, highlighting the strategy’s ability to shine amidst changing market dynamics. By remaining invested in high-performing stocks during periods of market strength, the strategy has managed to extract alpha and generate a decent lead over its benchmark.

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