Mi20 : A new High Risk strategy

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Since many of you have been asking for this, I thought it is best to clarify what is in the works currently. I was earlier planning to launch a low volatility- low returns CNX500 stocks universe type of strategy but then decided to go for a higher risk strategy design as I felt there is no point trying to replicate what most Mutual funds may already be doing. So Mi20 will be a HIGH RISK / HIGH RETURN strategy. You can use it as a portfolio or may use individual components as trading leads. That would be your choice. It will be similar in nature to all our strategies to date in terms of portfolio sizing and risk management and live google-sheet portfolios etc. Rest of the differences can be seen here in the document below. I will keep a motivated view on maximizing the participation for my Charity cause even at the cost of some loss of performance due to excess participation. Please follow this blog as most updates will come on this soon.

Read this document for a comparison of Mi20 with Mi25

0 thoughts on “Mi20 : A new High Risk strategy

  1. Hello Sir

    Thankyou for giving opportunity for lower portfolio investor. I am using “sharekhan brokerage” and am in the market since 2014. I also have some MF portfolio already with AMCs directly.

    For a portfolio size of 1-2 lakhs to start with; would you suggest Mi10 or Mi20?

    I would like to seek some clarification on below two point for Mi20.

    1. No Live Support on email/twitter- Wondering what kind of support would be needed post enrollment if i am able to execute trade as instructed. Could you site some examples that existings user availed/needed for Mi25. 2. Runs on all day vs Update on weekands- Could you please elaborate it..

    Regards Tapendra Khatri.

    1. HI,

      1. Support usually is not needed. but sometimes people ask question on issues with google sheets or market related queries . We try to give live support in mkt hours in Mi25. within minutes.

      2. Mi25 runs in 5 different group , one on each day. Mi20 will run on wekeends only.

  2. Hello Want to participate in mi25 Need some clarifications about the working before the transfer

    Dr Jigar Bathia Bathia Hospital & Eye Clinic. Sent from my iPhone


  3. Dear AlokThanks for emailI am a member of Mi25 portfolio tuesdayCould you also educate us on criteria for buying and the reason for sellingwe are just blindly following your instructions. I understand there will be periods of up and down but I am unable to comprehend the process of momentum investing  thanks

    Dr. Dev Roy, F.R.C.S.(ORL-HNS) Edin., F.R.C.S.(ENT), M.S., D.L.O.(R.C.S.Eng.), E.B.F.P.R.S. Consultant ENT, Head & Neck Oncology and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, President, Laryngology and Voice Association of IndiaPresident, All India Facial Trauma Association of IndiaDirector, Pan Asia Facial Plastic Surgery AssociationChairman of Editorial Board, Laryngology and Voice Association Journal

  4. Thanks, OM!

    On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 10:16 PM, WeekendInvesting.com wrote:

    > WeekendInvesting.com posted: “Since many of you have been asking for this, > I thought it is best to clarify what is in the works currently. I was > earlier planning to launch a low volatility- low returns CNX500 stocks > universe type of strategy but then decided to go for a higher risk st” >

  5. Hi Alok, thanks for updates about Mi20.
    Wondering what will be the portfolio size of this, if you could guide please.


  6. Good intention Alok. But don’t you think recommending low liquid stocks will make buying & selling difficult. When more people jump on to low liquid counters then substantial mismatch can happen between recommended entry price & buy price. Same with recommended exit price & sell price.

  7. Yes it will be difficult in some stocks. This is a High RIsk HIgh Gain strategy. So if stocks hits circuits etc you may have to judge your way around the price for cool off. This will be a challenge on some stocks for sure.

  8. Hi Alok,
    You mentioned that no/less overlapping with Mi25, in that case, are you going to use the same strategy of Mi25 for Mi20 to recommend the stocks?

  9. Hi Alok, I wanted to check on how the upgrade will work between Mi20 to Mi25. If I start with Mi20 and stay there for a duration of 4 to 6 months and based on the returns received, if I would like to upgrade to Mi25.

    1. How much do one need to pay in that case?
    2. As Mi20 and Mi25 will have low / less overlap will it mean a complete turnover of the portfolio?

    Eager to enroll for Mi20 to start of with. Thank you

  10. HI Alok,

    I am 30 and have ~ 12 Lakh invested in the market through MFs (70% in equity). I have around 5 Lakh additional amount for investment which I want to invest under your guidance/instructions. How shall i proceed?

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    Mi20 : A new High Risk strategy