Mi25 Subscription details

April 14, 2017 2 min read

Mi25 is a momentum portfolio subscription based product. It will hold up-to 25 stocks and has a weekly change decision. It is a trend following system and uses simple indicators and price based decisions. On average 1 to 2 stocks will be sold off and others brought in per week. The idea is to make the user spend less than 10 min a week on his portfolio and still beat the benchmarks. The distinguishing feature of this service is the holistic approach to wealth creation with proper allocation and money management vs the individual stock tips approach of most other service providers. The service will include helping you set up a google sheet, and making familiar with all procedures to be followed every week. Each week if there is any change it will be informed through Email and other social media near 3 PM every Friday.  Support will be provided by email and twitter.

The expected average exposure for Mi25 is a portfolio of around 10-15 lacs.

The registration and payments page is now live here. I will inform all current users with the details on email as well. Meanwhile if you like, feel free to shoot your queries to me over email – Alok@WeekendInvesting.com

0 thoughts on “Mi25 Subscription details

  1. Sir, Can I subscribe for mi 25 …As u told it’s for limited 50 subscribers. Mahesh doifode 9699405625

  2. Dear Alok ji,

    I will definately be enrolling for May 2017 to March 2017 annual subscription of Rs 21000.00 .Please count me in under first 50 enrollments.

    I will pay the subscription amount as soon as you send the bank details.Thanks in advance.

  3. Dear sir,
    I am very small investor who can invest 5-10 K max per month… do you have any help for such investors….

    1. Hi…does the product Mi20 suitable for investors who can invest 15-20k per month..? If yes, I am interested in joining.

    2. Hi Mr. Asthana, like Deepak I am also a small investor with a monthly investment of 15K. So eagerly waiting for the Mi20 launch. Is there any mailer list where I can register my interest and be informed once Mi20 starts?

      Best Regards,

      Munna Poddar

    1. No. it is not 50 anymore. The limit is by design to protect any unruly movement in the stocks on purchase or sale and the limit is actually gradually relaxed to accommodate more gradually. Do not worry the alternate product is on the same lines.

    1. I tried to open the registration form link but it didn’t work. I tried to open many a time and tried using a different browser as well

  4. You would be doing a great service to pensioners like me if you can start plans with lower exposure like 2 and 5 lakhs.

    Please do inform of next MI25 batch too.

  5. Hi Alok, Are you planning to reopen registrations Mi25? If yes, by when. Also when are you planning to launch Mi20?

  6. Hi Alok ji.. Thanks for helping common people in creating wealth… Awaiting Mi20… would definitely be a part of it…

  7. Hi Mr. Alok,
    When would MI25 open again? I have already registered through the registration page. I’m also interested in the details of MI20.


  8. sir,

    we are happy to know your success. we are interested woth your services.

    i would like to know your previous calls history,their performance,

  9. Dear Alok sir,
    I got impressed with your background, experience, and realistic expertise. I am an Electrical Engr. but now working as a social activist and trainer. I did trading for 2 yrs. in 2012-13 , initially in cash segment on my own and I was getting a return of 7-8%. But, when I started trading under advice of some advisory services in intraday option, I lost 3 Lakhs. After a break of 5 yrs. and with little more stock studies I am preparing myself to start all over again. I am a small invester. Can invest up to 1 lakh and my profile is low risk and moderate return. Can you please help me ?

  10. I want to become member of MI 25. Please inform availability. I want to invest about !0 Lakh so other schemes are not applicable.

  11. Dear All
    I am a small investor and invest about 10k per month. Could you please have a scheme where the yearly payments are not to high. Thanks if you can help out

  12. Hi Alok Ji Namaskar

    I have read all your previous comments related to Mi25. Sir i am interested to enroll Mi25. I know its closed now but please may i know whether in coming months Feb or March will it be open for subscription.? If Yes then i will wait till then. I will not enroll to Mi20. As Mi20 is related to CNX 500 as you said, So i am interested in Mi25. Please let me know sir.

    I got your mail regarding Mi20 launching on 10.

    Please guide me sir

  13. Hi Alok ji

    I am interested to enroll for Mi25 plan. Before that i wanted to talk to you once & clear some of doubts. Please may i know contact number. My email id is contactanand005@gmail.com

    Some of my queries i wanted to talk to you to express myself correctly

    Please do the needful

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