31 thoughts on “Mi_ST_ATH

  1. Hi
    Wanted to check on two things.
    1. When you are getting connected with ICICI Direct ?
    2. If I subscribe today, whether I will be suggested same portfolio (for all users) or will be curated (new one) based on current momentum ? Since old subscribers may have entered at good levels… meaning do track returns of each subscriber ?


  2. Hi Alok,
    Am mi25 subscriber, if i opt for ATH what will be number of stocks (%) which can overlap?
    in Mi25 A Green energy we sold at lower levels and never entered , i assume that could be one of the reason why Mi25 is behind ATH.
    Thanks, Pavan


  3. Hi Alok,
    As i’m member of Mi25 live strategy, but for ATH small case, can i use my wife HDFC sec account where this small case allows? Please clarify


  4. sir me and my wife together save around 2.5lacs per month. i want to invest for five years ,. which plan i have to go for please help me in this regard.


  5. Hello Sir, I am new to weekend investing. I am looking to invest upto Rs. 8 Lac. Would like to have better understanding of your.
    1) Is all your product once in a week product.
    2) Should I investing on myself or it is some selected platform.
    3) What will be the best way to subscribe your product.


  6. Hello, I would like to invest in Mi_ST_ATH. The min amount is indicated as 49k. Will this be the same amount every month for will it be different?


  7. hello, as your MI_ST_ATH is not listed in the small case app .but if I subscribe to your small case then would I able to see your small case in my app or not?


  8. Hi,

    What happens when I sell some of the 10 stocks from my brokerage account? Will you rebalance the remaining?

    Can I invest and assume that weekend investing will sell at the right time and buy new ones periodically?



  9. Hello Sir, Came across the small case idea of yours recently , my quick one is i am planning to subscribe for 3 of your small cases but my questions is do i need to put in Min amount in each small case every week or it can be one time payment or monthly ? For eg i subscribe for ATH and currently Min INvst is 52k but going forward it might increase or decreases depending on Stock price but am i oblige to pay every week , monthly or one time ? If i just invest 52k for now and then put in some more money later is it possible ?


  10. Your past returns are not as fancy as you potray them to be. Stop showing the max time CAGR of your products, look at the 3 month to a year growth (thats ideally how you charge your clients quarterly/annually not for life, right?) what if during the time frame of my subscription of lets say 3 months, the cagr turns out to be -90% (hypothetical, since I invest in a high risk product) How do you intend to have me make money out of the remaining 10% I have left with me. Invest 90% again? until I achieve your promised 8.xx%~? and what if, I loose out on all your bets again and left with -40% red portfolio? So basically, I keep pumping money until you achieve 8.xx% for me? Which I could rather achieve buy simply buying a few nifty fifty stocks instead and sleep on them. I was quite amused buy your momentum strategy, until I saw your gains, which were mostly in few months only. Stop fooling people around fellow IIT grad, or just prove me wrong!
    Awaiting your response.


  11. Hello Alok,
    I wish to go for the small case MI_ST_ATH, I am an entry-level investor.
    Since I wish to take the risk, does it make sense to start a quarterly small case with only the minimum amount suggested for this small case?


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