Perceptions cloud our decisions

June 26, 2024 3 min read

Surprising Market Comparisons: Domino’s Pizza vs. Google

It’s fascinating to compare the stock performance of Domino’s Pizza and Google over the past 20 years. Both companies have achieved remarkable returns of over 7,000%. Most people might think that a tech giant like Google would outperform a pizza delivery business. However, the reality is that both have delivered similar returns. This shows that market perception can be very different from actual performance. Investors in Domino’s Pizza have made as much money as those in Google, which is truly remarkable.

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Perception vs. Reality in the Market

We often think that high-tech companies will outperform traditional businesses. But the comparison between Domino’s Pizza and Google shows that this is not always true. While we might see pizza delivery as a simple business, it has provided significant returns for its investors. This challenges the narrative that only tech companies can offer substantial gains. The reality is that various industries can deliver strong performance, and market perception can be misleading.

Indian Market Example: Motherson vs. JBMA

Let’s look at a similar example from the Indian market. We have two auto industry stocks, Motherson and JBMA. Both have shown incredible returns, with Motherson delivering 280,000% over 25 years and JBMA achieving the same percentage over 17 years. These stocks come from the same industry but have different business focuses. This example shows that even within the same sector, different companies can provide significant gains, challenging our perceptions.

Comparing Timeframes: Motherson and JBMA

When comparing Motherson and JBMA from the time JBMA entered the market, the differences become even clearer. From 2006-2007 onwards, JBMA’s stock rose by 271,000%, while Motherson’s increased by only 5,900%. This stark contrast shows that perceptions can lead to poor decision-making. We might think both stocks performed equally well, but the data tells a different story. Having a strategy to switch between stocks based on performance could significantly enhance returns.

The Role of Perception in Investing

Perceptions can heavily influence our investment decisions. We might hold onto a stock because it has performed well in the past, even if another stock in the same industry is now performing better. This can prevent us from maximizing our returns. The comparison between Motherson and JBMA highlights how following trends and data, rather than relying on perceptions, can lead to better investment outcomes.

The main takeaway is that perceptions can color our view of the market, but hard data provides a clearer picture. By focusing on actual performance and trends, we can make more informed investment decisions. Whether it’s comparing Domino’s Pizza to Google or Motherson to JBMA, the data often tells a different story than our perceptions. Following data-driven strategies can help us navigate the market more effectively and achieve better results.

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    Perceptions cloud our decisions