The Disney Company completes 100 years !

October 11, 2023 3 min read

A Historical Analysis of DISNEY Stock’s Performance

The Disney Company is a household name, known for its iconic animation, cartoons, theme parks, and beloved characters. With its rich history and captivating content, it is no surprise that this company has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. In 2023, Disney will celebrate its 100th anniversary since its inception. In this article, we will take a journey through time and analyse the performance of Disney’s stock, starting from 1968 until present day.

Let’s dive into the data and explore the fluctuations and trends that have shaped Disney’s stock over the years. All the figures mentioned have been adjusted for dividends, bonuses, and other factors that may have impacted the stock’s value.

In 1968, Disney’s stock was priced at a mere twenty cents per share. However, within a span of just five years, the stock skyrocketed to $1.50, yielding a remarkable eightfold return on investment. This phenomenal run was soon followed by a period of consolidation, lasting several years and causing the stock to give up ~86% of its gains.

The 1980s marked a turning point for Disney’s stock as it began another upward trend. Interestingly, it took nearly a decade for the stock to return to the previous high of $1.50. Investors who had the patience to wait out these ten years were finally rewarded as the stock continued its ascent. 

From $2 in 1985, the stock gained tremendous momentum, reaching an all-time high of $32 in just 13 years. This extraordinary run, though punctuated by occasional corrections, showcased the immense potential for profit for those who held onto their investments. However, it is important to note that not all investors were able to capitalise on this growth, as some may have been deterred by previous losses.

A significant crash occurred in the late 1990s, when the stock plummeted from $30-$34 back down to $10. This decline erased any gains made in the past decade, leaving investors frustrated and disillusioned.

For the next twelve years, the stock remained stagnant, resulting in no substantial gains. This period highlighted the importance of having a well-defined investment strategy and the ability to weather prolonged periods of uncertainty.

Fortunately, the stock bounced back once again, with an impressive rally that saw prices surge from $25 to almost $200 over the following decade.

This remarkable tenfold increase in value was a testament to the resilience and potential of Disney’s stock. The COVID crisis did temporarily affect the stock’s performance, but when looking beyond this extraordinary event, investors who participated in this upward movement experienced substantial returns.

However, today, we find ourselves in a rather intriguing situation. While the overall market in the US remains robust and signs of a recession are not apparent, Disney’s stock has been treading water for the past nine years, currently priced at $84. This level is the same as it was back in 2012, when adjusting for dividends and other factors. Investors who witnessed their investments double during previous periods are now back to square one or even at a loss. The question arises: where will the stock go next? 

It is crucial to approach the stock market with a well-defined plan and realistic expectations. While Disney has displayed a historical pattern of growth every ten years, assuming this will continue indefinitely is unwarranted. There is always a possibility of the stock either continuing its upward trajectory or declining in value. Investors need to evaluate their positions carefully and determine when to exit, seize opportunities, and maintain a peaceful investing process.

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    The Disney Company completes 100 years !