The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review : 28 Jan 20221 min read

Performance Update

Markets continue to remain in correction mode as FIIs continue to remain on a selling spree. Nifty came very close to breaking down the support level of 16780 but a couple of quick recovery sessions ensured that it stayed afloat. Budget remains to be a crucial event in deciding the short term course of the markets amidst factors like rising bond yields & pessimism from FIIs. The benchmark Indices fell around 3% while WeekendInvesting portfolios fell between 1.5% & 5.5%. In the sectors, except of PSU BANKS at (+6.9%), all other sectors remained flat to bearish. We have continuously communicated that such volatile movements are inevitable in the short term and as long as you are following a proper strategy with a long term approach, these corrections should not matter much. We did a special Daily Byte illustrating a few other videos that could be helpful to you…

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    1 year ago

    I started investing from 3rd May 2021 and my investment results are as below:

    Invested Amount 4.91L, Current Value 3.37L. It is a loss situation. I am not able to correlate to the one year performance % reflected in the website..