The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review : Aug 06 2021

Performance Update

Nifty broke a very crucial range and closed at an all time high this week which also marked the debuts of three new strategies in our product line up : Mi 20Mi 35 and Mi ATH 2 . While all Weekendinvesting Smallcases continued their dream run in FY 22, Mi ATH 2 witnessed a splendid debut this week with gains of 3.6%. The last 5 years & 17 Weeks have indeed been a great testimonial to the strategies.

Read the complete report using the link below.

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Rahul Khanna
Rahul Khanna
2 years ago

Dear Team,  Had a question on below as I had recently only started investing in the MT Allcap. What does closure means as I had subscribed to a 3 month plan about 1 month back? What happens now and how can I remain in this strategy? I am assuming new subscription is not possible or who are invested can extend later as well. Please advise. 

We’re Closing Subscriptions for 3 Smallcases

By the end of Aug 08th 2021, the subscriptions for Mi MT Allcap, Mi 25 & Mi ATH 2 shall be closed. Please subscribe at the earliest if you wish to get into either of these strategies. You may go through the blog (linked above) to understand these strategies in detail.

Regards….Rahul Khanna

Sumon Ghosh
Sumon Ghosh
2 years ago

Hello sir. When exactly will I get to see the changes recommended by you? i.e. what stock is going out and what stock I have to add.

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    The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review : Aug 06 2021