VAMOS- Valuation Momentum and Sentiment!1 min read

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September 7, 2018 by Weekend Investing

It was a tumultuous month. We started the month up at +7.4% but ended it at +2.52%, a drawdown of -5.66% from the peak. The max drawdown experienced was -8.52% on 24 May. The mid cap and small cap indices dipped heavily and so did our strategy. The out performance of the strategy so far for […]

May 31, 2017 by Weekend Investing

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    Mystic Wealth (@MysticWealth11)

    i was just wondering if we can actually become wanderers of sorts, u know. Pack our bags to a country which has had a bear market. So we stay in india in 2009, go to brazil and russia wen they went thru shit. The coming out of bear market is the BEST time for momentum babies to fire on all cylinders. and ofcourse I wud b a lot more concentrated than ur MI-50. but regardless, the point u fish where there are a lot of fishes.