We believe in winning with you..

January 6, 2018 2 min read

Weekendinvesting.com as an advisory has been setting many path breaking industry benchmarks and this post is to elaborate on the same.

1. On Fees
We win only when you do… We have kept our pricing reasonable vs the expense ratios seen in other financial products.

2. On use of Technology
We use google sheets to share the running live portfolio with the subscribers. We also help each subscriber to help set up their own google sheet portfolios.  Each week/month as per product, an email is sent from a professional third party email host service which ensures that the email is dispatched exactly on the dot, each time.

3. On Service Requests Turnaround Times
We are happy to receive and resolve all queries on Email (alok@weekendinvesting.com) and Twitter (@Weekendinvestng). While we send detailed FAQ and procedural instructions to new users, sometimes it is a new learning for us to get some unique queries. Many a times the feedback/query goes to improve our product/service. Users usually get a 1-3 hour turnaround service during business hours on their queries and a up to 9-12 hour turnaround at other times. Most of the times, the responses are sent within minutes of the queries.

We remain open to more feedback/testimonials/suggestions/critiques on our products and service. Do feel free to write in occasionally and add your wisdom to our offerings.

Have a great weekend!

0 thoughts on “We believe in winning with you..

  1. Just read your interview on money control.com… Would like to know more about the products in your basket… Regards Feroz khan

    1. Dear Sir, I want to start with minimum investment. Can you plz provide ur guide to my email id ?

  2. Dear Mr. Jain,
    Compliments to you for developing and sharing an amazing product.
    Would appreciate if you could advise the process/rationale in which you decide to book profit and exit from a particular script specially when the script is in a positive momentum!
    I mean what is the trigger point until which you will keep the investment in a particular script.
    Will look forward to your advise!

  3. Hi Alok,

    Been following your blog for a while. Would like to know what are the products you have on offer now. Would like to consider one of those

  4. Great to read about you in Moneycontrol today Alok. Congrats and keep it up.
    It feels good that really smart stock pickers are getting due credits and one can now see the difference between run-of-the-mill gurus/fund managers who come daily and give us all useless investing crap :-). I have stopped listening to them since long. These gurus feel 17% CAGR return is something out of this world and they feel proud about it.

    1. Totally Agree with u JIGS .. I was looking for some genuine Stock tips provider… Thanks to Moneycontrol I found this Blog of Mr Alok…

  5. It would be interesting to know Why only 50 subscribers for mi25,one can not limit how much each 50 individuals invest in the recommended stocks so how maximum of 50 subscribers helping the product performance. As you are launching new products, it is clear you are ready to take additional customers but wondering why not in mi25.

    Also Pls share mi20 fee details link like you have done for other products

  6. alok ji , in your above comments you had informed that if stock doesnt grow over 8% annually you will roll over the fees, but 8% annually is anyway too too low, pls guide

  7. Hi Alok,

    Can we have some more info on your new product Mi20? I am curious about it but couldn’t find any details on your blog.

    Secondly, i completely appreciate ur initiative of putting internal hurdle based advisory commission/charges but still having one question on the same for u : didn’t u think 8% internal hurdle is too low to be a effective hurdle ? Considering current return profiles of ur products, robustness of algorithm and usual expectation of at least fixed instrument beating returns from equity investments?

    Sorry to be bit direct and upfront. It’s my humble and geniune question as a part of evaluating your advisory services as a potential investors for the same.



  8. Hi Alok, good seeing the techy turned savvy investor. I wanted to be part of Mi25 and see how I can add gains to my portfolio. But am basically interested in knowing other products in the services…not quite clear if the strategy is same then why the returns differ drastically. Think it’s duration that is making difference. Kindly let me know, I have already expressed my interest in Mi25…and what is Mi20?


  9. Hi, Do you also have a support for automated trade execution like omni trader etc.
    Can you also execute trade on client’s behalf.


  10. Is this products based on equity delivery or futures.I am looking for an investment of 10 lakhs for 3-4 months horizon.

  11. Why there is NO contact page in this website, NO physical address, NO phone Number etc. Don’t mean to offend you but it gives some confidence.

    1. I have registered for MI25 yesterday but haven’t received any mail regarding the registration. I will interested for MI20 or MI25..

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    We believe in winning with you..