Weekendinvesting plans for next many months

June 9, 2021 4 min read

Dear users,

Let me first congratulate you on your success in the last many quarters riding this wonderful market wave with Weekendinvesting strategies. Most strategies have performed way ahead of my expectations. I hope as a service user you are satisfied with the performance and the support service we offer. We certainly are very happy to see smiling customers and constantly pouring great testimonials.

I wanted to lay out the plan for the Weekendinvesting products for the coming few quarters so that you can plan ahead in organizing your allocations within each product segment and know what is coming. It also helps us to meet deadlines set ahead.

We will be introducing new products in the Large-cap, Mid-cap, Small-cap and All-cap categories in the next 4 months, likely one every month starting end of Jun 2021. Details on this will follow. These new products will be released first for smaller portfolios (under 5L) and will be offered at a lower fixed fee offering at under INR 5000 per year. Later in the year depending on the acceptance and need, we will also consider to offer it to larger portfolios.

With hundreds and thousands of new users in the last many months, it is time for closure on some of the existing products for new subscriptions. These measures are done to protect the existing users and ensure that the performance does not deteriorate for the users due to over crowding. For example, Mi ATH continues to remain closed for new users.

The following is the schedule

Mi 25 smallcase (and LIVE) will be closed for new subscriptions starting June 30 2021. Existing users will continue to enjoy the services and renewals will work as normal.

Mi AllCap smallcase will (likely) be closed for new subscriptions starting Sep 30 2021. Again, existing users will continue to enjoy the services and renewals will work as normal. Here, additionally the introductory pricing of 9999 per year and 3333 per quarter will change to 14999 per year and 4999 per quarter from Sep 30 2021. All existing users on renewals will be offered the same new plans.

Mi NNF10, Mi LTCNX200, Mi 30, and Mi 50 will remain open and there will be no change.

For LIVE portfolios Mi 25, Mi30 and Mi50, all plans will change to a single plan at INR 49999 per year starting Sep 30 2021. We will write to you individually about this before your renewal is due.

On the subject of users going much beyond the recommended size for the portfolios in LIVE and smallcase products, we will remain in a request mode to them to diversify across products or else to find other services in addition that are suited better for their portfolio size. WeekendInvesting is primarily a service designed for smaller portfolios and is not competing with funds meant for PMS and AIF categories. In case over time we will find that accounts that do not comply we can exercise our right to refuse renewals but I hope we will never reach there.

To know more about all our current products and for future ones as we release, keep this Weekendinvesting HUB link in your bookmarks. It is a great link for a ready reference and performance update

As always, you can feel free to write to me at alok@weekendinvesting.com and we will for sure resolve any query in a jiffy! Once again congratulations and All the Best.

Update 15th Sep 2021
There has been a change in this announcement

  1. The fee hike announcement to 49999/- from Oct 1 2021 for all LIVE products stands cancelled. The current pricing will continue
  2. These Universal products Mi25, Mi30, Mi50 will also remain available on the Smallcase platform and users if they wish to move to the smallcase format, we will ensure no loss of fee in the move.
  3. The rebalance mail henceforth will come post market by Friday 6 PM. This is being done to meet compliance norms vs other products.
  4. The LIVE products will henceforth be called Universal products.

0 thoughts on “Weekendinvesting plans for next many months

    1. Move to different scheme does not seem like proper response and it does not seem like very good way to treat loyal existing customer who have loved, invested and spread the good word of mouth of a strategy. Is your objective with this to reduce the number of people subscribed the AllCap smallcase?

    2. No, you may be reading more in my comment that is written. Your business is always appreciated. We are providing more opportunities to larger audience to have products suitable to their portfolio size and cost requirements. In case you wish to move to them you are more than welcome. The introductory prices were to change last Oct, we delayed it on some requests then.

    3. Ah, Got what you meant by it now. Always admired your responsiveness to any query and love your smallcase.

    4. I believe most of the users came in for an investment period of 4-5 years. An AUM based alternative would have made sense. If there is a negative event in the market all of the low capital investors (4-5L) will be left out in the middle of the ocean on his/her own. Definitely a horrible decision.

    5. I do not agree that users are left on their own in a down market. That is a part of the market cycle. There will be AUM based plans also in a few months time.

  1. Is there a roadmap planned to cater large portfolios through smallcase products in future?
    Looking forward for such services from weekend investing.

  2. Dear Mr Alok Jain,

    i have been mailing you regularly in respect of advisory services , what are the services you can offer and we can buy , or what is the model you would suggest.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Regards DR Venkateshan +919845286466 >

  3. Hi Alok,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I had a small query with regards to the subscription fees of Mi50 Smallcase.

    Post September’2021, will Mi50 Smallcase also see an increase in subscription fees to 49999 or will it be continued to be offered at the existing prices?

    Thanks and regards

    Piyush Kukreja

    On Wed, 9 Jun, 2021, 11:57 WeekendInvesting.com, wrote:

    > WeekendInvesting.com posted: ” Dear users, Let me first congratulate you > on your success in the last many quarters riding this wonderful market wave > with Weekendinvesting strategies. Most strategies have performed way ahead > of my expectations. I hope as a service user you are satis” >

  4. Hi Alokji…Saw your message on launching new products. However, I noticed the revised renewal fees for existing Allcap subscribers. In that case what will be the difference between new Allcap and existing one and why can’t we switch to new product where you have flat fee of 5000 p.a. For small sized portfolio 14999 is high, anyways your products has been phenomenal but only I am trying to raise my concern as I am a small investor with a capital of 3-4 lakhs.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi,

    Can we use any broker apart from the predefined list that we see on your site? Any specific downside of doing so ?

  6. Hello Alok Thanks for the advance information.  What will be theme of the new offerings? Will they also be Momentum? Regards ViswanathPS: I am a ATH subscriber. 

  7. I want to invest 10K per month. Which is the best smallcase product you can suggest in your weekendinvesting ?

    1. Thanks for the reply. I have lump sum of 50k and post lump sum 10k per month. I want to be invested for 3-4 years with total invested capital of 3-4 Lakhs.Which product is suitable for me ?

  8. Dear,
    I’m planning to consider MI 25 before getting closed in few days. I got to know, there will be a new strategy for a smallcap. So I’m confused! Whether to go with MI 25 or a new one? What will be the real difference? Will the difference impact on annual returns? What will be your recommendation?

    1. Hi

      The new smallcap strategy may come in a few months. You can go with Mi25 quarterly plans. Mi25 closure also will be pushed back by a few weeks based on many requests we have received. Rgds,

  9. Hello Sir,
    Any updates on the new smallcases. I am planning to buy allcap, just want to evaluate the new ones as they might be more suitable to my portfolio size.

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