WeekendInvesting Q2 | FY 2022 | Performance Report

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Performance Update

The markets continued the dream run this quarter even after the massive move in the last 18 months. The markets have been relentless in the last 3 months as well with the momentum moving from one sector to the other. Steel commodities, real estate, financial services, IT etc were some of the sectors that moved significantly in the last 3 months.

Weekendinvesting has been riding this wave with success in most of our products and have added three new products in the last quarter. Mi ATH2, Mi20 and Mi35 are the new entrants to the product bouquet offering an option to mix and match various focussed products so that users can create their own unique basket of strategies.

We have long promoted the concept of BBC (Bhav Bhagwan Che’), a Gujarati saying which means that “Price is God”. Follow the markets in a non-discretionary and allow the markets to do the talking has been our sole mantra in the last 66 months that we have been offering these services.

The markets at some point will hit some road bumps but we need to always be prepared for the same. Please do discuss with your financial advisor on asset allocation for your portfolio and suitably modify exposure to equities. All our strategies have a built-in move to cash or move to safer stocks mechanism within them but our belief is that one should remain properly diversified across asset classes and different styles of investing.

We continue to work very hard in educating users through our Daily Byte video series, through Twitter and through content creation at the weekendinvesting HUB. Please do follow these and the telegram channel and stay updated on the strategies and new learnings.

Note : If you are viewing on mobile, you my try accessing the report using this link if the one above doesn’t work. 

Send us an email to support@weekendinvesting.com if you have any issues or questions. 

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    WeekendInvesting Q2 | FY 2022 | Performance Report