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We are pleased to announce that Weekendinvesting.com has joined hands with Smallcase Technologies P Ltd  to provide advisory services based on momentum investing for retail portfolios (ideal size INR 300K to 1500K) using the affordable and automated Smallcase platform.

The smallcases platform  is a complete DIY platform that is integrated to leading brokerages to help users manage thematic and systematic portfolios (commonly known as smallcases). These smallcases are currently available for clients of these brokerage houses viz : Zerodha Securities, AxisDirect, Edelweiss Securities Kotak Sec , Angel Blue, 5 Paisa and HDFC Securities and many other brokerages are expected to join in the future.

The advantages of using smallcases are numerous. Some are listed here:
1. The entire portfolio is run in your own brokerage account
2. You retain full control over your money, stocks and execution.
3. You spend less than a minute per week to manage your portfolio.
4. Auto back-office accounting, dividends accounting etc are all taken care of .
5. Bench-marking of your portfolio vs the model or market indices is provided.
6. Capital addition or deletion in proportion from your portfolio is easy.
7. Creating a lump-sum or a SIP mode of investment can be done.
8. Advisory recommendations need only a single click to manage.
9. An advanced support infrastructure is ready to help when you want.

Weekendinvesting has been a leading name in momentum investing products for past many years and enjoys the confidence of a large number of clients. Our core USP has remained to design and manage simple and transparent products that can deliver market beating performance and a support system that has won accolades from our users.

Some advantages of Weekendinvesting strategies are:
1. Curated and time tested conservative momentum strategies
2. Capital protection is the back-bone of all the strategies
3. In bear markets the strategies sit in cash and earn interest
4. Exits and entries are well defined and precise
5. No element of bias, forecast, or projection
6. The core logic that made Mi25/ Mi30/ Mi40 & Mi50 successful strategies, continues here
7. Effort to democratize advisory by bringing service costs down


The new products offered are :

Mi_LT_CNX200 – Longer term trends on Large cap stocks

Mi_MT_Allcap – Med Term trends on All cap stocks above 1000 cr.

Mi_ST_ATH – Short Term, conc, high volume stocks near Highs

Mi25 – Medium Term, diversified, only small-caps

Mi_NNF10 – Momentum in 10 Nifty Next 50 stocks, monthly rebalance, high volume stocks, passive strategy

All five products are offered individually at a 3 month Trial plans and and annual plans .

Please go through the details in the link above and /or send us mail at alok@weekendinvesting.com for any query. This FAQ will answer most of the common queries you may have.

Steps to Subscribe