The Good, Bad & Ugly Review- 14 Aug 2020

August 14, 2020 2 min read

Another week of net no direction for the markets. The Bank Nifty remained strong for the first three days of the week but hit this medium term trendline resistance from the bottom of June and capitulated on the last day.


The Nifty also moved to a range above the previous week for dominant part of the week but gave it all up at the end.FFLTY

Bank Nifty is also pretty trend less and is tip toeing near a support of 21000 below which a sharper down move may be possible


The weekendinvesting small case products continued the good run this week until some gains were given back today.

Proposed changes for the coming monday are :

Mi_MT_Allcap     : NO CHANGE
Mi_ST_ATH           :NO CHANGE
Mi 25                      :NO CHANGE


Since Inception in Apr 16, all these strategies have beaten the benchmarks by a wide margin.


Mi25 our top performing LIVE product was added to the smallcase bouquet also this week.  The Mi25 strategy is based on small cap stocks and the smallcase will be suitable for portfolio size of 5 to 15 lacs approx.  The annual plan is being launched at 14999 ( GST incl) and a trial 3 month plan at 4999( GST Incl)

A special one time limited offer will be there for the existing Mi25 LIVE users if they wish to join the smallcase at 50% off for the annual plan.

In the LIVE product strategies,  all products gained handsomely with Mi25 and Mi50 standing out. The LIVE products provides a mature ground for more diversified and lower risk strategies than the smallcases and are suited for larger portfolios.


STAIRS gained early in the week but gave back all its gains on the last day. It has been a testing range in the last many months.


The STAIRS options tests are going well. Will be doing more tests in month of August. All STAIRS users can see test results in the master sheets which are updated daily.

Vivek Bajaj of ElearnMarkets’ fame released a Face2Face interview with me on the previous weekend that generated a lot of positive feedback and good reviews for the basis on which I am running all products. This feedback gives more confidence to continue this path of simplicity and following price behaviour I call BBC – Bhav Bhagwan Che’

This is all for this weekly update. Have a SAFE weekend!!

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  1. Since this is “the weekly performance review”, shouldn’t you be posting the smallcase performance for that week, instead of showing the yearly performance?

    1. This is the total performance snapshot at the end of this week. The idea is not to focus on weekly performance but update performance weekly. If you wish to see day wish performance it is available at

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    The Good, Bad & Ugly Review- 14 Aug 2020