Weekly Performance Review Aug 07 2020

August 7, 2020 2 min read

Another week of nothingness on the markets went by . Nifty tried to break out of this channel on the downside early in the week but failed to hold and crashed back inside and spent the whole week more or less within the broad range.



Bank Nifty is also pretty trend less and is tip toeing near a support of 21000 below which a sharper down move may be possible

The Nifty Implied Vol is at 21 and that of BankNifty is at 31.4.  We use these for position sizing in our LONG SHORT product STAIRS. We are still trading at half leverage on the BN in the STAIRS program.

The weekendinvesting small case products have done extremely well this week and for the year.

Changes for coming monday are :

Mi_LT_CNX200    : ADD 1 new stocks.
Mi_MT_Allcap     : NO CHANGE
Mi_ST_ATH           :NO CHANGE


Since Inception in Apr 16, all these strategies have beaten the benchmarks by a wide margin.


Mi25 our top performing LIVE product will be added to the smallcase bouquet also this weekend.

The Mi25 strategy is based on small cap stocks and the smallcase will be suitable for portfolio size of 5 to 15 lacs approx.  The annual plan is being launched at 14999 ( GST incl) and a trial 3 month plan at 4999( GST Incl)

A special one time limited offer will be there for the existing Mi25 LIVE users if they wish to join the smallcase at 50% off for the annual plan.

In the LIVE product strategies,  all products gained handsomely with Mi25 and Mi50 standing out. The over diversification of Mi50 has not impeded the performance in any way contrary to popular belief.  All in all the LIVE products provides a mature ground for more diversified and lower risk strategies than the smallcases.


STAIRS gained early in the week but largely remained flat for the week


The STAIRS options tests are going well. Will be doing more tests in month of August. All STAIRS users can see test results in the master sheets which are updated daily.

This is all for this weekly update. Have a SAFE weekend!!

0 thoughts on “Weekly Performance Review Aug 07 2020

  1. Hi,

    One question: what’s the rationale for charging 50% for MI25 smallcase. I already paid full year subscription money in April. I presume all stocks would be same. Isn’t it unfair. It should be free for existing MI25 subscribers till their earlier subscription ends. I don’t understand the logic here.


    sanjay aggarwal

    On Fri, 7 Aug 2020 at 22:48, WeekendInvesting.com wrote:

    > WeekendInvesting.com posted: “Another week of nothingness on the markets > went by . Nifty tried to break out of this channel on the downside early in > the week but failed to hold and crashed back inside and spent the whole > week more or less within the broad range. Bank Nifty ” >

    1. The logic is that smallcase is a third party platform ( and not mine entirely) and this product is not an extension of the LIVE product but a toned down version of it to give access to smaller portfolio folks. There is no compulsion for LIVE product holders to subscribe to this . It is only a facilitating attempt to give better ease of use.

    2. Hi Alok,
      Don’t you think all LIVE users will eventually switch to smallcase as it is cheaper.
      Especially for those nearing renewal of live product subscription, this is a great deal.

  2. Hi Alok,
    I have subscribed to your ATH smallcase. I have few questions after reading above blog.

    1. What is the LIVE version of Smallcase you have mentioned ? Is it DIY product vs Smallcase (which is one-click rebalancing) ? How does it differ in terms of execution ?

    2. In smallcases – the weight of each stock you recommend is based on Closing Price of all those Stocks on Friday ? Or some VWAP price ?

    3. When rebalancing smallcase – like in this week – there is no new stock entry / exit – but due to change in Market Price over the week weights of stocks have changed from the previous week. So I hope rebalancing takes into consideration that factor also.

    1. in LIVE version you execute on Fri close as the Model is making changes. In smallcase you make the change the next morning , at Monday open.
      LIVE is executing yourself, SC is one click

      Always VWAP prices are used for portfolio.

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    Weekly Performance Review Aug 07 2020