Weekly Performance Update Jun 19 2020

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A good week for the markets and for all our products.

The aggressive Mi_ST_ATH portfolio that chases high speed Momentum shot up nearly 7% this week to end at a 1 yr change of 26.21% which is quite good by any standards.bgLdr


The other long strategies also gained ground. The cash component in some larger cap oriented strategies is still high and hence they will lag the markets for some time till they are fully allocated.


Our long short STAIRS strategy did well and recovered some part of the current year drawdown despite which it still stands at a very respectable +67 pct on capital for the calendar year. It is worthwhile to note that this is same as near 200% on margin. This strategy can be used as a stand along trading one or can be viewed as an effective hedge to your long portfolio. So far we are providing two models for trading futures in it and are attempting to introduce options models soon.


Overall a very satisfying week. Have a great Weekend! Stay Safe !

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    Weekly Performance Update Jun 19 2020