Will Bitcoin save you in times of crisis ?

November 3, 2023 3 min read

Gold vs. Bitcoin: A Tale of Market Reactions

In times of uncertainty and geopolitical crises, investors seek safe havens to protect their assets from potential losses. Historically, gold has been the preferred choice for people looking to hedge their portfolios against various economic risks. However, with the rise of cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin, there has been speculation about whether digital assets like Bitcoin can offer the same level of security as gold. In this article, we will examine a recent chart that compares the reactions of gold and Bitcoin to a significant news event and shed light on their respective roles in times of trouble.

The chart, shared on Twitter by user “Silver_Gold_U,” showcases the price movements of gold and Bitcoin in response to breaking news. The orange line represents gold prices, while the blue line depicts Bitcoin prices in US dollars. The chart reveals that both assets remained relatively stable until a specific point in time.

Chart Credits : Silver_Gold_U

On 27 Oct 2023, news broke that Israel had plans for on-ground attacks on the Gaza Strip over the weekend. This news had a profound impact on the market, leading to a remarkable divergence in the reactions of gold and Bitcoin. Gold experienced a significant gain of approximately 1.5%, while Bitcoin suffered a decline of almost 2%.

This chart serves as a compelling example of how different assets react in times of trouble. Gold, often referred to as a safe haven asset, has a long-standing reputation for preserving wealth during geopolitical crises, currency uncertainties, and global market turbulence. The surge in gold prices in response to the news event reaffirms its role as a reliable option for risk-averse investors.

On the other hand, Bitcoin’s reaction to the news event is worth noting. While it is true that Bitcoin has gained popularity in recent years as a speculative investment and a potential store of value, it failed to demonstrate the same level of resilience as gold during this particular event. Several factors contribute to this divergence, including government regulations and restrictions on Bitcoin usage in various countries.

The Indian, Chinese, Russian, and numerous other governments have imposed strict regulations and limitations on Bitcoin transactions, making it increasingly challenging for individuals to acquire and hold the cryptocurrency. Moreover, despite its monetary appeal, Bitcoin lacks the necessary stability and wide-scale acceptance required for long-term hedging strategies. Consequently, investors are becoming more hesitant to allocate substantial portions of their portfolios to Bitcoin.

In contrast, gold remains a tried-and-true asset that central banks continuously accumulate. These institutions acquire gold for a variety of reasons, but a critical one is the recognition that the current system of running excessive fiscal and monetary deficits cannot be sustained indefinitely. The exponential growth of global debt, coupled with increasing interest rates and uncontrollable inflation, presents a looming threat to the current economic system.

While the precise timing of an impending monetary disaster remains uncertain, it is prudent for investors to prepare themselves by embracing good hedging strategies and adopting suitable asset allocations. This point is emphasised by the chart, as it reveals the limitations of Bitcoin as a reliable hedge in times of trouble.

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    Will Bitcoin save you in times of crisis ?