Dealing with portfolio change at 3.15 PM – some tips

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  1. Set an alarm for 3.15 PM on your designated day
  2. Have your broker terminal and google sheet logged in
  3. Look for email update at sharp 3.15pm. If you don’t see it, search in spam/promotions folder. If cant find even by 3.17pm, shoot an email to me, you will have a copy in the next min.
  4. Know your portfolio and cash/Liquidbees position. Note your (Q3 :dark pink cell) value of allocation needed for the new stock entry (4% for Mi25, 3% for Mi30 etc) .
  5. On getting the email, quickly use the above allocation amount to figure out the quantity you will need to buy for each. Setup up the buy stocks in your watch-list. The email will have the NSE Symbol code.
  6. Start with the  sell stock and gradually sell over the next 15 mins and simultaneously buy gradually till the end of session to get your average nearest to the weighted average price. If you had cash you can buy first too. No one way about this.
  7. Once done, update your sheet with the new entries and exits and make sure the built in error checks are satisfied.
  8. Enjoy the rest of the week.
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5 years ago

Dear Alok,
You started your services in mid-2017 and therefore the performance is bound to be good in a rising market. January 2018 onwards, every body lost money. Your portfolios also lost money.
The point is that suppose the market correction prolongs, say, for more than a year (which seem to be a possibility as of now looking domestic (elections in India, rising bond yield – though cooled off yesterday due to RBI dovish policy and rising inflation) and global (tariff war, etc.), then, how your suggested portfolio would work.
Less than a year is too short a period to judge from the completion of market cycles perspective.
Your comments and advice please
Kamal Garg

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    Dealing with portfolio change at 3.15 PM – some tips