Mi-LRHR-our charity product


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Mi-LRHR Product Brochure and steps to subscribe

The Mi_LRHR is a special service. It is a tripartite arrangement between the user, the charity foundation and Weekendinvesting.  The way this service works is that the user (you)  makes a donation of INR 12,000 (Twelve thousand only) to the Charity Foundation. The foundation will use the funds to work in the area of social service.  In turn, the Mi_LRHR strategy service is provided for 12 months to each such donor from weekendinvesting.com to the user at no direct cost as our contribution to the cause.  This service has no refunds or performance guarantees.

The Mi-LRHR strategy is a two portfolio offering (by default you get 2 portfolios) .
MiHR is a micro/nano cap focused High Risk portfolio while MiLR is a CNX200 stocks based Low Risk strategy portfolio. There is no overlap between the two or have very limited overlap with other weekendinvesting products. The core momentum strategy is similar in both.  Both strategies can run a 5% exposure per stock. A google sheet with the portfolio will be shared with you and it will be reviewed every weekend via a weekly email update.

E-mail for all Mi-LRHR support issues is mi20support@weekendinvesting.com