Mi25 trial portfolio ends. Last 3 days for subscription at introductory rate.1 min read

Thanks to all subscribers and thanks to all others who gave feedback and encouraging words. The Mi25 model portfolio is now closed. The subscribers have started a new portfolio, report of which will be available at end of each month here.

The performance of the Mi25 model portfolio started on Apr 1 2017. I am attaching no commentary to the same. It clocked 12.52% in the month.image (83)image (82)image (81)image (80)

If you may be keen to join the Mi25 club, do buzz me on twitter or email.

Have a good weekend!

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    Pavan Ramesh Patchipulusu
    Pavan Ramesh Patchipulusu
    5 years ago

    Hello Alok,
    I’m interested for Mi25 but new subscription got closed. I have shown my interest by filling the form. Hope we get the subscription soon.

    Thanks, Pavan