One stock can change your fortunes

June 12, 2024 3 min read

When we look at the rolling ten-year percentage returns of various tech stocks over the past three decades, the results are astounding. For example, Microsoft once achieved nearly 14,000% return in a ten-year period. This means that an investment of one lakh rupees would have turned into 1.4 crores. Such impressive returns highlight the potential of tech stocks to multiply investments significantly over time.

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Apple’s Impressive Performance

Apple has also seen substantial returns at different times. Around 2007-2008, Apple’s ten-year return was around 6,000%. Later, it soared to about 10,000% in 2012-2013. However, in the last decade, its performance has not been as remarkable. Even so, Apple’s history of high returns shows that tech stocks can experience significant growth during certain periods.

Amazon’s Growth Story

Amazon has had its share of remarkable returns too. The stock saw significant gains in 2007-2008 and again in 2011-2012. There was another notable increase in 2019 before the COVID-19 crash. Amazon’s performance demonstrates the potential for tech stocks to provide substantial returns despite periods of volatility.

Nvidia’s Phenomenal Rise

The most impressive performance in recent years comes from Nvidia. For several years, Nvidia’s returns were relatively modest. However, the stock saw a staggering rise, reaching a 22,000% return in the last ten years. This means that an investment of one lakh rupees in Nvidia would be worth 2.2 crores today. Such phenomenal growth is rare and highlights the extraordinary potential of certain stocks.

Riding the Wave of High Returns

Tech stocks often experience significant moves that can result in huge returns. However, these moves can also cause concern among investors. Many people sell off their holdings, fearing that a bubble is building. While it is true that bubbles can form, the timing of their end is uncertain. For instance, Nvidia’s returns soared from 10,000% to 22,000%, showing that growth can continue beyond expectations.

Understanding Market Dynamics

The market’s dynamics are influenced by liquidity flows and investor demand. When a particular stock shows exceptional promise, it attracts more investors, driving up its price. This is not limited to tech stocks; it can happen with any asset class, including gold or prime real estate. For example, if twice as many people want to buy gold as last year, its price will skyrocket due to limited supply.

Opportunities for massive returns in the stock market are rare but impactful. When a stock shows potential for significant growth, it’s essential not to fear and run away. While not all stocks will succeed, those that do can transform your financial future. Nvidia’s 22,000% return over ten years is a prime example of this potential. Embrace such opportunities when they arise in your market, and you could see remarkable returns on your investments.

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    One stock can change your fortunes