Weekly Performance Review Jul 10 2020

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It was a great week!

All products did well. Long only products as well as Long and Short.

The indices continued the ascent and while there was some intra week hiccups over all barring the banks things look good.

The smallcase Mi-ST_ATH continues to hog the limelight as it goes totally ballistic. The Mi_MT_Allcap the more diversified and conservative sibling is also catching up. The full one year numbers are beginning to look good.



For this week ended for FY 2021 the smallcase results are oJQNy

The LIVE products saw Mi25 and Mi50 continue ahead with pace while the more sober ones are not really fully into the rhythm. Late deployment of cash lags momentum portfolios in the beginning and then they catch up later. Overall still a good picture.


STAIRS our only Long Short product is doing well. It gained about 5 % this week and its Nifty trade has been on now for almost three weeks.
The options module will get released to the users this weekend and those who wish to play with limited risk will be able to do henceforth.

Gold which I always promote as a natural hedge to your rest of the portfolio has also achieved new highs in INR terms and is at the cusp of a USD All time high sometime soon.

All in all, a very good week. No Bad and Ugly elements to it this week.

Have a safe weekend !

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    Weekly Performance Review Jul 10 2020