FAQ #15

June 17, 2022 1 min read

Why don’t you also include incremental order(s) in as a part of your rebalance update in your Good, Bad & Ugly Weekly Review ?

Incremental changes (orders) are included in rebalances in order to bring the composition of your portfolio closer to that of the model portfolio.

Effectively in the best case scenario, there will not be any incremental orders if there is an exact match in composition of both model portfolio and yours. Conversely, incremental orders will exist in case there is a clear deviation in composition of both model portfolio and yours.

Weightage or composition of the portfolio is directly proportional to the average buy price of stocks in the portfolio. The stocks whose buy price goes higher will naturally have higher weightage and vice versa.

So the composition / weightage of stocks in an investors portfolio can differ due to various events in which average buy price of the stocks in the portfolio change like rebalance time , addition investment , partial withdrawal , etc.

Since this is a portfolio specific phenomenon, including the same as a common message will not be possible.

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    FAQ #15