FAQ #8

I had subscribed to one of your Smallcases 2 months ago and noticed that I have not been able to recover my subscription fee yet. What should I do ?

Markets predominantly move in cycles. There could be strong trending phases that will yield profits to the portfolio. There could be sharp corrections or falls that could result in giving up some of the gains we might have made during the upward trending phase. Then , there could also be range-bound phases that could result in witnessing a flat performance.

Now, all these three phases could last for several weeks, several months or even several years. When we invest into a portfolio we may not know which part of the phase we are in currently

One may have to remain invested for 4+ years to be able to observe how the portfolio navigates through all such phases instead of trying to take stock of the performance in a shorter timeframe.

The best part about Weekendinvesting strategies is that we have done exceedingly well during up trends (bull market phases) comprehensively outperforming the benchmark indices by wide margins and have witnessed similar outperformance during market corrections and steep crashes (bear market phases) owing to the in built capital protective nature of our strategies.

Kindly ensure you have invested enough capital that keeps your fee (expenses) at less than 3% of your investment into the smallcase. Please check this article for more clarity.

If you have any further doubts or questions, please send an email to support@weekendinvesting.com

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    FAQ #8