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I subscriber to Mi ATH 2 and Mi Allcap and realized that I am over exposed to the Smallcap segment at present (03 Sep 2021). Should I be worried ? Should I exit one of the strategies and move to a large cap strategy since the money seems to be moving to large cap off late ?

Mi Allcap and Mi ATH 2 are momentum strategies that will hold the strongest trending stocks from a very wide universe (>1000 Cr market cap in case of Mi Allcap , Mi 30 & Mi ST ATH | >500 Crore market cap in case of Mi ATH 2)

If at any given point in time, Smallcaps are trending quite stronger than the other market cap segments, we will see a more dominant exposure towards the Small cap universe and when momentum fizzles out, the strategies will also automatically see a gradual reduction in exposure to the same segment while increasing exposure to the segment that witnesses better trends.

All of this is naturally built into these strategies and does not require any manual intervention / decision making.

Mi Allcap , Mi 30 , Mi ST ATH and Mi ATH 2 are a bunch of very flexible multi cap strategies which will automatically ensure maximum allocation to the strongest trending stocks from any sector / any market cap universe based on different set of unique characteristics.

If large caps start trending stronger than smallcaps, then these strategies may most certainly see a gradual shift in exposure from Small caps to Large caps. This flexibility combined with the ability to sit in cash when markets present no opportunities make these All Cap strategies special.

If you have any further doubts or questions, please send an email to support@weekendinvesting.com

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    FAQ #3